It’s time to explore the wonderful world of Papa’s Games.

If you’re looking for fun, exciting, stimulating, and just enough challenge to keep you on the edge of your seat kind of games, then Papa’s Games are what you are looking for. They are known as mostly being a series of realistic-type restaurant games where the success of the restaurants depends entirely on you. These games are not only extremely fun, even quite addictive, but they also give you a slice of real adventure with working in a restaurant of almost any kind.

Although the games are exciting and unique in their own ways, the overall premise of them are ultimately the same: you perfect your food-making skills and work your way up to the top through a series of ranks, which seemingly go on forever. However, other challenges that the games entail are unlocking characters, menu items and specials, and different badges. Some of the specific games include, Papa’s Freezeria, Pizzeria, Susheria, Cupcakeria, and more. For example, Papa’s Freezeria deals with a career in creative ice-cream and milkshake making. In summary, the customers will tell you their order with a list of specific ingredients – such as cherries or sprinkles – and your job is to copy down those ingredients onto an order ticket that appears in a box on the screen. Then, you build the order in the exact way it is listed. The game walks you through a series of stations: the order station, build station, mix station, and top station. Each station is relatively straight-forward and self-explanatory, such as the mix station simply involves mixing the ingredients together in the ice-cream. The customers give you tips based on how successful you were with completing their order, and as mentioned, the further you advance, the more new customers, menu items, and other items you start to unlock. Most of the other games stick to the same criteria and lay-out, but their all different in their own exciting ways. essentially give you a taste of what it’s like to work in the restaurant industry, but in a creative and fun way. The games really focus around the timeliness aspect to it, while also adding in the challenge of making the food in the best quality you can make it in order to please the customers. However, each game is different in the sense that they all have unique little twists at the beginning, all ending with you being left with the major responsibility of running the business on your own for the world-renowned chef, Papa Louie. One word of advice that the website warns potential players is, don’t play the games on an empty stomach, it will make you hungry for more!