Flash game using the browser interface and usually does not require installing additional applications on the computer, except for the browser itself and sometimes a plug-in for it. These games can be divided into single-user, multi-user and mass-multiplayer.

Nowadays, browser-based games based on flash technologies are distinguished by their simplicity and accessibility. These games have the following advantages: they are quickly downloaded and do not occupy a large amount of memory, they have interesting strategies and are designed for all age categories. 

The popularity of flash games is also due to the fact that they offer a variety of storylines, thanks to this all the strategies can be divided into such groups: 

1) Arcade strategy these include a very diverse subjects, which are often taken as a basis for one of the popular films. 

This strategy is built on the passage of a number of obstacles, as a result of overcoming which the player reaches a certain result. 

2) Shooters and fighting games the strategy is built to win over other rivals as a result of the struggle. 

3) Sport strategy is a game in the form of competitions. 

4) Logical strategy is a strategy that requires some mental ability and logical thinking. 

5) Quests are a game that has many levels. 

In order for a player to move to the next stage, he must complete the task. A promising development in the browser games industry is the mass-user kind of flash games. 

This game is very multifunctional, because it allows a large number of players to play at the same time with each other, and also chat with other people. Ultra-fast development of technology flush, makes browser games more beautiful and informative.

As flash experts say in the next few years, the interactivity of  these flash games will greatly increase.