Among all computer games, the most common and popular are online flash games.

Among all computer games, the most common and popular are online flash games. But in fact more recently, flash games very few people took seriously, because the leaders of the gaming industry were video games on a wide variety of consoles. Every day more and more people connect to the Internet. There is a gradual shift of the entertainment industry to the World Wide Web. One of the main directions of the development of the gaming Internet industry today are flash games.

Flash games are small computer games created using modern technology. The rapid development of Flash technology allows you to make games even more interesting and perfect. Specialists in this field argue that soon flash games will be fully interactive.

A large number of sites and portals today offer visitors to play for free in interesting and colorful flash games. As a rule, thousands of flash games represented on gaming portals are divided into genres: strategies, arcades, quests, races, etc. Thanks to this, each user can easily find a game in accordance with their preferences. One of the main advantages of online flash games is the lack of the need to download and install them on the computer and then configure. The most important thing is for the computer to be connected to the Internet. You can play your favorite game anywhere: at work, at home or at an Internet cafe at any time convenient for you.

Today flash games have beautiful design and graphics, special effects and soundtracks, as well as a variety of strategies targeting many age groups.

How exactly did the history of the advent of browser flash games begin?


Back in 1993, Jim Gray, who at that time was one of the scientists working in the field of computer science, wrote a program. This program was used to enter any information into the computer thanks to an electronic pen.


In 1995, the program was improved and sold for the creation of cartoons, little known by the company «Future animation». More and more artists-animators began to use this program.

Later, the corporation Macromedia, bought out all the rights to the program and gave the name Flash. After that, the corporation “Macromedia” begins to massively advertise the game, working on its graphics, creating animated images, technical support and so on.